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  1. New to I.T.

    New to I.T.

    Career Match’s New to IT Bundle is light-years ahead of our competitors. We provides expert instructor-led training modules with customised presentations, practice exam simulators and learning supplements that offers the full benefits of live classroom training – you can study when and where you want, at your own pace.

  2. PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Bundle

    PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner Bundle

    PRINCE2® is a process-based methodology for efficient and effective Project Management.

  3. PMP and CAPM Bundle

    PMP and CAPM Bundle

    This  Bundle covers the two of the most valuable certifications available in project management; PMP, CAPM.

  4. CareerMatch Library Bundle

    CareerMatch Library Bundle

    CareerMatch Library bundle includes over 100 Courses ranging from Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Oracle and many more.

  5. Graphic & Web Design Bundle

    Graphic & Web Design Bundle

    The Graphic Design Bundle allows you to demonstrate proficiency in Adobe digital communications tools. Become a Certified Associate and stand apart from your peers, boost your confidence, and expand your career opportunities

  6. Web Design Expert Package

    Web Design Expert Package

    Gaining a qualification in web design gives you the scope to work in a variety of fields where you can use your creative skills as well as gaining the knowledge you need to succeed. 

  7. Complete Cisco Networking Package

    Complete Cisco Networking Package

    Cisco certifications are widely respected in the IT industry and some of the most sought after certifications available in the IT field today!

  8. Microsoft Windows 10 Bundle

    Microsoft Windows 10 Bundle

    Do you want to be an expert in the latest Microsoft Operating System Windows 10, well now you can be with the help of this new Bundle.  We have designed two separate courses that will take you from beginner to pro in Windows 10, and created a bundle with two of the newst courses for Windows 10.  

    Become one of the first to be come certified in Windows 10.

  9. Microsoft Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010 Mega Bundle

    Microsoft Excel 2016, 2013 and 2010 Mega Bundle

    Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, or upgrade from one version to the next, our expert instructors will use a hands-on, engaging approach to teach you all of Excel's powerful features . Watch a single title or watch them all, as many times as you like for an entire year–all at one low price.

    Learn anytime, anywhere, at home or on the go.

    Stream your training via the internet, or download to your computer and supported mobile device, including iPad™, iPhone™, iPod™ Touch and most Android devices.


    Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials – 6 hours

    Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced – 7 hours

    Microsoft Excel 2013 Essentials with Bob Flisser – 11.3 hours

    Microsoft Excel 2010 Essentials – 7 hours

    Microsoft Excel 2010 Advanced – 6 hours


    BONUS – Titles Include All Project Files to Work Along with the Instructor

  10. IT Cyber Security Certification Training Bundle

    IT Cyber Security Certification Training Bundle

    IT Security is considered by many to be the fastest growing and most lucrative sector in the IT market. With today's leading companies putting an ever growing importance on the security of their infrastructure, IT Security pros are capitalizing on acquiring high salary positions to protect these businesses systems.

  11. IT Cyber Security (CISA, CISM, CISSP) – 18 Month Renewal

    IT Cyber Security (CISA, CISM, CISSP) – 18 Month Renewal

    Purchase an additional 18 month access to your IT Cyber Security Bundle.

  12. IT Cloud Certification Bundle

    IT Cloud Certification Bundle

    Cloud Technology has exploded in the IT industry in the past few years. The days of hardware and infrastructure are being replaced by virtualization and cloud computing. The emergence of Cloud technology has removed infrastructure as a barrier to rapid scaling of applications. In the past, the need for physical hardware created a substantial need for physical hardware which in turn created a road block for organizations needing to grow their infrastructure dramatically. With this dramatic change the IT industry is rapidly changing, allowing for a new sector of IT to develop at groundbreaking speed. IT pro’s and aspiring IT professionals need a way to showcase their skills in this new arena. This IT University Bundle includes 3 of the most popular cloud certification courses in the marketplace. Students will get both a vendor specific and vendor agnostic perspective on cloud technology and will be able to achieve certification in the most exciting and rapidly growing sector in today’s IT industry. Here are a few of the topics included in this bundle of courses:

    • Fundamental Cloud Concepts
    • Basics of Virtualization
    • Specific Characteristics that Define a Cloud Infrastructure
    • Elasticity, Resiliency and Measured Usage
    • Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
    • Combining Cloud Delivery Models
    • Cloud Service and Cloud Service Consumer Roles
    • (SaaS), (PaaS and (IaaS)

  13. Business Training Bundle

    Business Training Bundle

    This Bundle includes over 25 courses covering a variety of valuable credentials in a business environment. With the business landscape constantly changing having this training bundle will allow students to diversify their skills and increase their marketability for a variety of different positions. With courses ranging from project management, accounting, marketing and office; professionals can customize their resume with credentials in high demand in today’s marketplace. Certifications are now the standard for many companies hiring decisions and can have a huge impact on one’s chances in applying for new positions. In addition to increasing one’s marketability Increase your marketability and efficiency with this Bundle!

  14. SQL Server & Oracle Database Package

    SQL Server & Oracle Database Package

    Looking to advance your skills in the field of programming or databases? This package offers a variety of programming languages and database programs to sink your teeth into. It ranges from Oracle to Microsoft's SQL (Structured Query Language). Designed for people already working the field of programming or database design, this package allows you to pick which modules you want to practice on and complete. It's also ideal for programmers and developers looking to maintain their skills or dabble in new areas.

  15. Cisco and Microsoft Network Package

    Cisco and Microsoft Network Package

    Cisco & Mircrosoft certifications are widely respected in the IT industry and some of the most sought after certifications available in the IT field today! Cisco & Microsoft Certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to network professionals, their managers, and the organizations that employ them.

    The Cisco & Mircrosoft learning bundle is a complete resource for all your training. This bundle will give you the skills needed to master the CCNA, CCNP, MCSE, MCSA suite of certifications.

    By purchasing this package, you will receive the follwoing courses.

    • CCNA
    • CCNP
    • MCSE 2012
    • MCSA 2012

  16. Marketing with Google and YouTube

    Marketing with Google and YouTube

    Social Media is the new word of mouth, and has replaced traditional communication mediums in recent years. Most people are only scratching the surface on the interesting things they can do with these social media websites.

  17. Facebook 101

    Facebook 101

    Social Media is the new word of mouth and has replaced traditional communication mediums in recent years. Most people are only scratching the surface on the interesting things they can do with these social media websites.

  18. Time Management Tune-up

    Time Management Tune-up

    In this Time Management Tune-up course, you’ll learn refreshingly simple tips to help you allocate your time, overcome bad habits, make efficient time choices, embrace technology, and enjoy the wonderful extra hours you’ll gain.

  19. Microsoft Private Cloud Certification Solutions Expert

    Microsoft Private Cloud Certification Solutions Expert

    Prove your expertise in managing and implementing Microsoft private cloud computing technologies. With Windows Server and System Center, you will build your Microsoft private cloud solution to optimize IT service delivery and gain the automation and flexibility you need for your IT infrastructure, now and in the future.

    Gaining an MCSE: Private Cloud certification will qualify you for such jobs as server administrator, systems programmer, and network manager.

  20. Complete CompTIA Training Bundle

    Complete CompTIA Training Bundle

    If you plan on obtaining several CompTIA certifications, this bundle is the way to go. By the time you complete A+ you will have the skills and credential to start working in the IT field. When you add on Network+, and Security+, you’ll have a well-rounded foundation that will allow you to advance your IT career in many directions. As you’ve probably seen on www.indeed.com and www.dice.com , the more certifications you achieve, the more income you’ll make! Since CompTIA certifications are vendor neutral by achieving any CompTIA certification you give yourself a broad array of skills to qualify you for a variety of IT positions.

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